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9jaBrains was created to reward and make learning fun and easy.

There are 2 sessions you can play on:
Normal Session: This session consists of aptitude-test questions.
Special Timer Session: This session consists of General knowledge questions.

Both sessions are further categorized into Gold, Silver and Bronze based on the amount you are willing to play with.
Note that your reward ratio is higher in Gold than in Silver category and subsequently

Below are the necessary steps to give you a most amazing experience

  • SIGN UP: Click on Sign up on the navigation bar to register your account and please note that you would be required to verify your account.

  • TAKE A DEMO: Click here to take a sample quiz. Here, you have just 3 trials on either category. It is advised that you practice with Gold, Silver and Bronze category.

  • GET STARTED: Click on this button fund your Wallet and become a Full member. This enables you to start Playing, Learning and Earning.

  • PLAY: Click on Play to take a quiz. You can also invite a person for a challenge.

  • SUBSCRIBE: Click on this, if you wish to subscribe to our study package to increase your learning and better your performance.

  • JOIN NOW: Click on this to take part in the general quiz.

Note that on your dashboard, you will be able to edit your profile, send messages to US and your co players.

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